Automated lead generation using Copper CRM and AWS lambda

Start automatically filling the top of your sales funnel!

Automated lead generation using Copper CRM and AWS lambda

Who are you looking for?

When filling the top of a sales funnel we must first identify who or what makes a good lead. At Gamesight we build tools that help empower game developers. This means the top of our funnel will be games! Specifically, games that have been recently released or upcoming releases.

Steam has been a cornerstone for all things gaming, they provide extensive lists and data about nearly all games. We'll be looking at the Coming Soon section, this is were we'll start digging diamonds out of the rough.

Data extraction

Let's inspect the response data that populates the games in that list ^

We can parse the results_html string in the response data to pull out each game's:

  • steam_id
  • name
  • release_date

This gives us a clean list of games we can work with

Lead Qualification

On average there are around 25 games released on Steam EVERY DAY. We want to filter our list to only include games we think we can help the most. Once again we'll look to Steam for additional information on our games. Using Steam's app details API endpoint we can retrieve details about the games we just extracted. For this example we will use the recommendations count to determine if the game will make the cut, and be turned into a lead.

Adding leads to Copper CRM

Now that we have extracted and qualified leads we need to put them into our CRM.

We recently started using Copper CRM, it plays nicely with G-Suite and has clean, easy to use APIs. Speaking of APIs, we open-sourced our Copper-Typescript library! This small library makes interacting with the Copper API a breeze.

Copper gives us the ability to extend their base Records (Leads, Companies, People, etc) by adding CustomFields to them. Now lets take our list of qualified games and turn them into new Copper Leads.

Note: We added these CustomFields using the Copper dashboard prior to this

Automation with AWS lambda

Now that we have a program to extract, filter, and upload new leads, let's make it run continiously! Using Serverless we'll make a basic AWS lambda function that runs our lead generator every 24hrs. In the serverless.yml file:

Run Down

Finding and filling the top of a sales funnel is tedious, but necessary work. At Gamesight, we look for opportunities like this to automate that work away. Each industry and company will have their own unique leads and qualifications. I think this pipeline is simple and generic enough that it can be used as a basic framework for a diverse range of funnels.

About us

At Gamesight, we use data to help games find commercial success. If you are looking for help getting your game's performance or influencer running and want to talk about this article, identifying the right influencers, or measuring your marketing efforts, please reach out on our website!