Black Friday gaming releases and trends

Black Friday gaming releases and trends

Happy Thanksgiving week! Let's talk about the November heavy-hitters dominating the charts.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

dropped Nov 18. 2022 and as of Nov. 21 it is the second highest selling console of all time. However clips of users glitching through the game have gone viral, leading players to review-bomb the game.

Streaming data:

• 10,635,000 viewer hours

• 307,071 hours streamed

• 63,304 average concurrent viewers.

God of War: Ragnorak

released November 9 as a PS5 exclusive and sequel to God of War 5. Hopefully the PC port comes soon for non-console players.

Streaming data:

• 19,915,390 viewer hours

• 820,551 hours streamed

• 118,543 average concurrent viewers

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

This category may be concurrently used by streamers for Modern Warfare II, which released Nov. 10 and smashed records for fastest selling Call of Duty game.

• 17,956,439 viewer hours

• 612,538 hours streamed

• 106,883 average concurrent viewers

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

• 11,635,264 viewer hours

• 1,157,045 hours streamed

• 69,257 average concurrent viewers

Call of Duty franchise totals:

•29,591,703 viewer hours

• 1,769,583 hours streamed

• 176,140 average concurrent viewers

COD also dropped Warzone, their battle royale. It's interesting to note that Call of Duty actually has a better viewer to stream ratio, although COD:MWII still has a huge amount of viewer hours.

World of Warcraft

Last but not least, new World of Warcraft expansions have been keeping the MMORPG on the charts, with peaks of over 220k viewers.

•13,563,787 viewer hours

•243,473 hours streamed

•80,736 average concurrent viewers.

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