Content Creator Programs - The Hidden Secret for Mobile Growth & Monetization

Content Creator Programs - The Hidden Secret for Mobile Growth & Monetization

This roundtable at PGC London, brought together thought-leaders from Gamesight, Nexus, Titan Forge Games. Dan Laughlin, Justin Sacks, and Stephen Hutchins provided profound insights into "Content Creator Programs - The Hidden Secret for Mobile Growth & Monetization," underscoring the significance of these partnerships in elevating game growth and player engagement.

🔑Key strategies highlighted include:

Identify and Partner with Creators Aligned with Your Game.

Look for content creators whose audience matches your target demographic. This alignment ensures that your game reaches potential players in a way that feels authentic and engaging. Publishers like Capcom and Epic utilize Gamesight’s proprietary platform for their ongoing content creator activations to not only vet applicants, but also to power ongoing data-driven outreach to creators with in-target audiences.

Develop a Reward System for Creators.

Implement an incentive program where creators receive a share of the revenue from in-game purchases made by their audience. This not only motivates creators to produce more content but also aligns their success with yours.

Create Channels for Direct Feedback.

Establish direct lines of communication between your development team and content creators. This could involve exclusive updates, Q&A sessions, or feedback loops that allow creators to provide insights from the community, ultimately enhancing the game’s development and content strategy. SMITE’s creator program focuses on rewarding both consistent and ad-hoc content creators, facilitating direct communication between creators and developers to improve content quality and strengthen community bonds.

Utilize Tools for Program Management.

Invest in tools and platforms that facilitate the management of your creator program. This includes tracking engagements, managing payouts, and analyzing the program’s impact on your game’s growth metrics.

Leverage Key Game Milestones.

SMITE uses significant updates or game launches as opportunities to attract and engage with new content creators. Offering exclusive access or special promotions during these times can help capture the attention of both creators and their audiences.

Signs of a Successful Creator Community.

Focus on building long-term relationships with creators, encouraging them to explore and promote multiple titles within your portfolio. A thriving creator community outpaces typical streamer outputs by over 50%, fostering lasting relationships that lead to multi-game engagement and cross-game audience pollination, with 70% of in-program creators engaging with two or more titles.

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