We are proud to announce our newest webpage, Gamesight Leaderboards. These genre-based leaderboards compile data across platforms, Twitch, YouTube Live, and Mixer to bring you a full view of the most-popular live-streaming games and their creators.

Your game does not compete with every game in the world. It competes for the attention of players and with other games that share similar traits and themes that appeal to them. Often we refer to those common traits as genres. A widespread discussion we have with game developers is, "how can we attract streamers from my game's genre to my game?"

For a long time, we've answered this question with a ton of research and analysis. Leaderboards are our attempt to quickly give an overview of what a genre looks like, who the top creators are, and what games control the market.

Our leaderboards are broken down by genre and encapsulate the top games, their creators, and the platforms on which they stream. At the top of each page, you will find a weekly summary of a specific genre, breaking down crucial insights like viewer hours, the number of streams, and the most-watched channel in that genre.

Top Games

For each category, the top three games will be highlighted and broken down to showcase the share of the market of which they consume. Below this graph, the top ten games are ranked by the total number of viewer hours. Here you can compare viewership, hours streamed, average concurrent viewership (ACV), and more, across platforms.

Breakdown of the top games by genre

Top Creators

Similar to the breakdown of the top games, the creators tab showcases the top 25 most-watched creators for a specific genre across platforms. This is particularly helpful when examining the impact of individual creators in distinct communities or when searching for influencers to market your game.

Vital statistics include streaming platform, language, and average concurrent viewership. These insights allow you to measure the effectiveness of an influencer beyond just their follower count.

The top streamers by genre

While this only begins to scratch the surface, our hope is that these leaderboards act as a tool to the gaming community and its creators. As we continue to polish this project, please reach out with any feedback, questions, comments, or concerns you have at support@gamesight.io.

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