Horror games that will spook Twitch chat this Halloween

ahh! so scary D: only the bravest Twitch streamers could play these!

Horror games that will spook Twitch chat this Halloween
Gameplay from Project Zomboid via bloody-disgusting.com

Welcome to Gamesight's curated list of scary video games to play this spooky month. We have something for everyone, whether you want to scare your friends, go on an action adventure, or experience bone-chilling lore.

#1 Scorn, surreal horror adventure

A first-person puzzle adventure in a grotesque and nightmarish world, perfect for fans of 'Amnesia: The Dark Descent' and 'Resident Evil'.

Scorn Viewership Data

4.4 Million Views on YouTube Videos

Oct. 14 premiere release - 164,000 viewers on Twitch.tv

Total viewer hours on Twitch.tv - 3.8 Million

Total Streams on Twitch - 48,000 Unique Streams

Shorter story games logically have shorter lifespans on Twitch and doesn't indicate anything negative about its enjoyability (for example, fellow adventure game "Stray"). The game has developed a cult following for its unique story and style, inspired by visual artists H. R. Giger and Zdzisław Beksiński.

#2 A Plague Tale: Requiem

The sequel to A Plague Tale: Innocence, a beautiful and devastating story of two siblings fleeing the French Inquisition during the black plague. For fans of "The Last of Us".

A Plague Tale: Requiem October Viewership Data

Total Twitch Viewer Hours - 4 Million

Peak Concurrent Viewers - 100,182

Total Streams on Twitch - 53,000

Total Hours Streamed on Twitch - 120,000

Since its release less than two weeks ago, its made a significant impression on the Twitch.tv platform. Players are calling this game a "masterpiece" because of the amazing visuals, soundtrack, and emotional story.

#3 Project Zomboid, Apocalypse Rogue-like

A top down zombie-infested sandbox game, like The Sims meets Left 4 Dead. With so many ways to survive (and die), as well as servers that support up to 100 people, it's a thrilling choice for a huge group of online friends.

Proejct Zomboid Viewership Data

Total Hours Watched on Twitch.Tv Since Oct 1 - 2.5 Million Hours

Total Hours Watched on YouTube Since September 1 - 22.28 Million Hours

This indie co-op game hit Top 25 of the streamer leaderboards over 10 times this month. It seems like it's here to stay as a game that'll stay in the Twitch streamer roster, especially with such dedicated developers investing in the community.

#4 Boo Men, Heist Turned Horror

A 1-4 player online co-op horror game where you and your crew of burglars need to steal items on a list – but something is lurking in the dark. A goofy night of horror, and a solid installment in the "Phasmophobia"-like genre.

Boo Men Viewership Data

Total YouTube Views Since Release - 390.3K Views

Twitch.Tv Total Viewer Hours In October - 118.7K Hours

This early access indie game has already made a big splash on YouTube and Twitch.tv, streamed by V-Tuber "ironmouse", GTA RP streamer "anthonyz", and OfflineTV friends like "Valkyrae" and "xChocoBars".

#5 Inside the Backrooms

A multiplayer escape room experience, with puzzles galore and strange entities wandering throughout the halls. Navigating the decrepit halls will have you frightened and in a cold sweat.

Inside the Backrooms Viewership Data

Hours Watched on YouTube since September - 720.6K

Total Twitch Streams in October - 13,000

Total Hours Streamed on Twitch - 24.4K

Huge streamers like "HasanAbi" and "DisguisedToast" have enjoyed this game with their friends. Streamer friends are always on the lookout for multiplayer games with high replay value, and the Backrooms series seems to be it.

Well, there you have it, a game for every kind of scary game enthusiast. Hopefully you found something you're interested in streaming on Halloween night! 😈

If you're still hungry for more, some honorable mentions by Sarah from Marketing: The Mortuary Assistant, Graveyard Keeper. Happy Halloween fellow gamers! 🎃🧡

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