Elden Ring Reaches 870k+ Concurrent Twitch Viewers on Release

Elden Ring Reaches 870k+ Concurrent Twitch Viewers on Release

Elden Ring has finally arrived. One of the most anticipated games of the past few years entered the gaming arena with gusto, with 668,381 players currently on Steam as of writing this post. It also received numerous 10/10 scores on several gaming sites such as IGN, Game Informer, and GameSpot.

We're going to be doing a much shorter analysis than usual for this particular release, considering the hype and absurd data that already exists for it. We created a chart comparing Elden Ring's release to other recent game releases on Twitch with Souls-Like mechanics. Those games are Jedi: Fallen Order, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Demon's Souls, and Nioh 2.

Without further ado, behold:

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So as we can see, Elden Ring completely dominates pretty much every recent Souls-Like release in the past few years, and those games by no means had poor releases. Although it's a little unfair to say it like that, considering Elden Ring is completely dominating every new release in the past few years on Twitch besides Lost Ark, New World, and Cyberpunk 2077. It would be easy to compare Elden Ring with the recent unprecedented hype around Lost Ark, but we have to remember that Lost Ark is a free to play game, while Elden Ring is a traditional premium title (aka not a free to play game). So we've also compared its release viewership with 2 of the other most popular premium title releases on Twitch in recent years, New World and Cyberpunk 2077.

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Elden Ring falls just a bit short of the other two, however it's placing as the 3rd most popular premium title release on Twitch of all time, which is no small feat.

Here are the top 5 streamers for Elden Ring and its Twitch stats since release:

xQcOW: 1,091,533 Viewer Hours

Asmongold: 1,089,151 Viewer Hours

Fextralife: 816,291 Viewer Hours

fps_shaka: 457,813 Viewer Hours

stylishnoob4: 451,873 Viewer Hours

Average Viewers: 631.8k

Hours Watched: 18.3 million

Total Channels That Streamed: 90,173

Total Hours Streamed: 343k

For comparison, VALORANT, the most popular FPS on Twitch, had 28 million Twitch viewer hours for past 7 days. At its current pace, Elden Ring will supersede that number by tomorrow morning. Most single player games have their viewership fizzle out by the 3rd or 4th day after release, but time will tell if that happens to Elden Ring.

I'm betting on no, it won't, not for quite a while.

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