A special preview of our recent in-depth statistical breakdown of the state of Collectible Card Games on Twitch rounds out our month of Auto Chess coverage.

We've spent the last four weeks taking a deep dive into what the numbers tell us about Auto Chess, one of the more novel and unique new sensations in the space, and one that's made waves in both the worlds of streaming and collectible card/strategy gaming. We've broken down how big the game's audience appears to be, which other titles are losing players as a consequence, and in which regions the game is most popular on Twitch.

To complete our coverage, below is a brief preview of our recent industry report: The State of the Collectible Card Game Genre on Twitch, which features the following breakdown of Auto Chess and its role in the space. Be sure to click the previous link for access to the entire report, which covers the top ten performing titles of the genre on Twitch over the last fifteen months, and projects what the future will hold. It's filled with hard facts and unexpected surprises about where the world of digital collectible card games might be headed.

This is the finale of a four-part series, to get a full recap, start here.

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