Updates to the Gamesight Console

Read all about the new features to the Gamesight Console.

Updates to the Gamesight Console

Organize multiple titles, easily search and consider ad networks, and more with the latest updates to the Gamesight Console.

Our team has been hard at work and is excited to bring you some new features to the Gamesight Console. Let's break them all down.


Keep all of your games in one place with Organizations

We’ve added a new layer to our product topology: Organizations! You may have already noticed then in the game selection popup. It now reads: Organizations > Games > Teams.

Organizations allow you to collect and track multiple games in a single home. This  allows us to deliver great tools we think you’ll love, including:

• Simplified game and user management

• An improved user invite flow

• Streamlined billing

• Hame-vs-game comparison dashboards (Coming Soon)


Visual updates include the addition of icons for integrated ad networks

The complicated task of finding and deciding which ad network with which to work has just been made much simpler with the advent of our Networks system! Our new selection tool provides easier network browsing, integration details on each network, and the ability for you to easily add new networks from within the Gamesight console.

Search for a network by name and add it to the console

User Invite Flow

Select user permissions, titles, and more with the new user invite flow

We have updated and improved our user invite flow thanks to the valuable feedback we've received from our gracious users, for which we are incredibly grateful. The entirely new invite flow that greatly simplifies getting your whole team on board, so you can spend less time getting up and running and more time spreading the word.

After inviting users, they will receive an email inviting them to join the team

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