As we drag ourselves across the finish line from 2021 into 2022, let's take a look back on which streamers and games kept us sane last year. We'll be ranking streamers and games based on their overall viewer hours for the entire 2021 calendar year. Stats such as ACV, hours streamed, and peak viewership didn't play a part in this particular ranking, but we included them where necessary. So, without further adieu, let's get right into it.

The Top 5 Streamers

5. loud_coringa

  • Total 2021 Viewer Hours - 99,062,652
  • Average Viewers - 62,970
  • Followers - 2,712,311
  • Total Hours Streamed - 1,573

Starting off our list at number 5 is loud_coringa, or Victor Augusto. Currently the #2 most watched Portuguese speaking streamer, Victor started off as a competitive esports player for Brazil's largest esports organization, LOUD. He accumulated a large viewer base by playing and uploading games like Garena Free Fire to his YouTube channel before making the transition to Twitch in late 2020. After the transition he became a dedicated GTA V RP streamer, rarely delving into other games. His top 3 streamed games in 2021 were:

3. Among Us: 431,406 Viewer Hours (71,156 ACV)

2. Counter-Strike: GO: 1,034,549 Viewer Hours (25,954 ACV)

1. Grand Theft Auto V: 88,289,985 Viewer Hours (68,773 ACV)

4. ibai

  • Total 2021 Viewer Hours - 102,747,113
  • Average Viewers - 73,364
  • Followers - 8,839,566
  • Total Hours Streamed - 1,401

Number 4 on our list is ibai (Ibai Llanos). Currently the #2 most watched Spanish speaking streamer, Ibai is also well known as an accomplished shoutcaster. His most notable works include announcing the Spanish streams for League of Legends esports events, the Fortnite YouTube Battle Royale, and for his voice acting in the FIFA game series. His top 3 streamed games in 2021 were:

3. Grand Theft Auto V: 4,284,260 Viewer Hours (60,573 ACV)

2. League of Legends: 5,356,825 Viewer Hours (62,137 ACV)

1. Minecraft: 14,031,070 Viewer Hours (67,415 ACV)

3. auronplay

  • Total 2021 Viewer Hours - 117,165,207
  • Average Viewers - 108,924
  • Followers - 11,003,220
  • Total Hours Streamed - 1,076

The 3rd most watched streamer in 2021 was auronplay (Raúl Álvarez Genes). Starting on YouTube in 2006, Raúl has gone from commentating on viral videos after work to full fledged streaming superstar. Starting his Twitch channel in late 2019, Raúl quickly grasped the mantle of the #1 most watched Spanish speaking Twitch streamer. As a variety streamer, Raúl tries to diversify his content by playing both new and older games. His top 3 streamed games in 2021 were:

3. Rust: 11,907,409 Viewer Hours (190,930 ACV)

2. Grand Theft Auto V: 21,348,392 Viewer Hours (131,524 ACV)

1. Minecraft: 47,122,970 Viewer Hours (132,964 ACV)

2. gaules

  • Total 2021 Viewer Hours - 165,082,830
  • Average Viewers - 19,281
  • Followers - 3,226,033
  • Total Hours Streamed - 8,562

Number 2 on our list is Gaules (Alexandre Borba), the #1 most watched Portuguese speaking streamer. A retired Brazilian Counter Strike player for g3nerationX, Alexandre spends most of his time broadcasting and commentating CS:GO events in Portuguese. A frequent staple in Twitch top 10 lists, Alexandre also plays a variety of games when he's not commentating on esports events. While he doesn't reach the same peak viewership levels that some of his top 5 counterparts do, it's his consistency that lands him in the #2 spot. His top 3 streamed games in 2021 were:

3. War by Grow Games: 5,935,682 Viewer Hours (8,821 ACV)

2. Motorsport Manager: 5,957,188 Viewer Hours (12,840 ACV)

1. Counter-Strike: GO : 109,856,011 Viewer Hours (25,604 ACV)

1. xQcOW

  • Total 2021 Viewer Hours - 272,213,607
  • Average Viewers - 74,926
  • Followers - 9,761,182
  • Total Hours Streamed - 3,633

Holding the #1 spot is the leader of Juicers himself, xQcOW (Félix Lengyel). A former accomplished professional Overwatch player, Félix began streaming full time in 2019 as a variety streamer for Luminosity Gaming. Regularly placing as one of the most watched streamers for whatever game he's playing that particular week, Félix is the undeniable current face of Twitch. His top 3 streamed games in 2021 were:

3. Minecraft: 14,203,877 Viewer Hours (71,610 ACV)

2. Rust: 15,359,576 Viewer Hours (98,063 ACV)

1. Grand Theft Auto V: 124,550,149 Viewer Hours (82,580 ACV)

The Top 5 Games

5. Minecraft

Official Minecraft image, copyright Microsoft
  • Total 2021 Viewer Hours - 846,077,129
  • Unique Viewers - 55,640,653
  • Total Hours Streamed - 32,552,424

Starting off our top 5 streamed games list is the ever present gaming staple, Minecraft. Released in 2011, you would be hard pressed to find a gamer who hasn't at least tried Minecraft. It's ability to remain relevant through mods, hosted servers, and addicting core gameplay has resulted in it's constant relevancy. A game whose demographics encompass all ages, Minecraft is able to bring in new players every year via the younger generations. Minecraft's major 1.17 update, Caves and Cliffs, which released in the summer of 2021, added new biomes, new cave/mountain generation, new items, new mobs, and more. Frequent updates like this help boost both it's Twitch viewership and player numbers over the years. It's top 3 streamers in 2021 were:

3. Philza: 25,336,586 Viewer Hours (34,791 ACV)

2. RanbooLive: 43,868,384 Viewer Hours (73,567 ACV)

1. auronplay: 47,122,970 Viewer Hours (132,964 ACV)


Official VALORANT image, copyright Riot Games
  • Total 2021 Viewer Hours - 931,353,546
  • Unique Viewers - 43,498,976
  • Total Hours Streamed - 36,777,311

The tactical economy FPS VALORANT settles as the number 4th most watched game in 2021. VALORANT has consistently remained the most watched FPS across Twitch since its release in the spring of 2020. Built around the tried and true mechanics of previous economy shooters, VALORANT adds flair by incorporating unique characters with their own abilities. With a vibrant competitive scene, high replayability, and quality hype videos, VALORANT takes its place as the most watched FPS game in 2021. It's top 3 streamers in 2021 were:

3. stylishnoob4: 15,342,364 Viewer Hours (22,485 ACV)

2. ShahZam: 17,998,016 Viewer Hours (8,700 ACV)

1. shroud: 37,030,020 Viewer Hours (43,493 ACV)

3. Fortnite

Official Fortnite image, copyright Epic Games
  • Total 2021 Viewer Hours - 939,021,651
  • Unique Viewers - 52,656,623
  • Total Hours Streamed - 62,127,912

Fortnite, the king of battle royales (BR), cements itself as the number 3 most watched game on Twitch in 2021. Ever since it's release in mid-2017, Fortnite has remained ahead of the pack in the battle royale genre. As one of the first battle royales with a free-to-play model, Fortnite's low barrier to entry allowed for a firm grasp on the newly burgeoning BR market. Much like Minecraft, Fortnite appeals to audiences of all ages through both it's art-style and gore-free gameplay. With frequent map, weapon, vehicle, and other game mechanic rotations, Fortnite remains highly relevant in 2021. It's top 3 streamers in 2021 were:

3. TheGrefg: 19,700,845 Viewer Hours (37,758 ACV)

2. Clix: 20,538,192 Viewer Hours (22,281 ACV)

1. Jelty: 33,295,617 Viewer Hours (14,985 ACV)

2. League of Legends

Official League of Legends image, copyright Riot Games
  • Total 2021 Viewer Hours - 1,707,919,956
  • Unique Viewers - 35,575,066
  • Total Hours Streamed - 37,781,553

The 2nd most watched game in 2021 was MOBA staple League of Legends. For over 12 years League of Legends has been the premier MOBA experience. League currently has 157 playable champions, adding more every year. With arguably the most vibrant and widespread competitive scene amongst all games, the League of Legends World Championship (Worlds 2021) set the all time record for concurrent viewers on Twitch at 3,111,854. The highly successful release of the League of Legends based Netflix series, Arcane, which is set in Piltover, Runeterra, has only increased it's popularity. While some pros and content creators eventually retire from League, there's always fresh talent ready to step into the ring. This constant talent refresh keeps League both fresh and entertaining on all streaming platforms. It's top 3 streamers in 2021 were:

3. Baiano: 19,676,844 Viewer Hours (17,433 ACV)

2. NoWay4u_Sir: 27,629,031 Viewer Hours (10,527 ACV)

1. loltyler1: 74,436,802 Viewer Hours (28,615 ACV)

1. Grand Theft Auto V

Official Grand Theft Auto V image, copyright Rockstar Games
  • Total 2021 Viewer Hours - 1,860,058,428
  • Unique Viewers - 47,996,221
  • Total Hours Streamed - 25,267,785

Finally, we arrive at the number 1 most watched game in 2021, which to no one's surprise was the newly resurgent Grand Theft Auto V. Originally released in 2013, GTA V didn't really have a strong Twitch presence until early 2019 when larger streamers started to discover the content treasure trove that is GTARP. The Grand Theft Auto Role-Playing experience all began with the release of the FiveM mod in 2015, which added elements that granted players a wider degree of in game freedom. GTARP would remain fairly popular on Twitch, going through ups and downs until the pandemic hit. As the entire population was stuck inside, many turned to streaming platforms to keep themselves entertained, and entertained they were. GTA V went through an absolutely massive popularity explosion, reaching a peak concurrent viewership of over 1,100,000 in May of 2021, and has averaged just under 200,000 average concurrent viewers since then. It's top 3 streamers in 2021 were:

3. summit1g: 47,661,383 Viewer Hours (34,541 ACV)

2. loud_coringa: 88,289,985 Viewer Hours (68,773 ACV)

1. xQcOW: 124,550,149 Viewer Hours (82,580 ACV)

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