During this past weekend, Halo: Infinite previewed it's second technical showcase to the public. Players from around the world logged in to participate and leave feedback for 343 Industries to help refine the eventual final build of Halo: Infinite. The technical previews are another way of saying alpha tests, which allow players to participate in pre-determined playlists where 343 needs more large scale testing. The future success of the entire Halo franchise is riding on how good Halo: Infinite is at launch, so 343 is trying to get everything in perfect working order before release. Several issues have already been identified, such as the hilarious BYB infinite punch bug, which many users were having a blast with.

In this article we'll be comparing the Twitch viewership statistics for the first and second Halo: Infinite technical previews. The third technical preview is slated for September 30th through October 3rd, which is where part 2 of this blog post comes in. For now though, let's have a look at some Twitch numbers.

  • Average Viewers: 8.9k
  • Hours Watched: 994.7k
  • Peak Twitch Rank: 9
  • Peak Viewership: 52,206

  • Average Viewers: 8.8k
  • Hours Watched: 1 Million
  • Peak Twitch Rank: 9
  • Peak Viewership: 71,859

As we can see, the overall viewership statistics for the two tests are extremely similar. While the first technical had a slightly higher average concurrent viewer count, the second test had higher overall hours watched and peak viewership. The first technical preview had a longer period of time where players could play the specified playlists, and the second preview had more PvP playlists. So those variables certainly played a role in how these charts look. The third technical preview next weekend will include the 12v12 BTB playlist for the first time, so seeing how that impacts both player statistics and Twitch viewership statistics will be very interesting. More on that to come!

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