In what will be the first blog post in a series we hope to continue at the beginning of every month, we'll be taking a look at the top 10 Twitch streamers for each previous month ranked by total viewer hours. We'll also be taking a look at each streamer's top 3 streamed games during that time, and any interesting tidbits about those streamers if available. So without further adieu, let's begin:

10. fps_shaka

  • Total October Viewer Hours - 5,661,493
  • Average Viewers - 21.1k
  • Followers - 673.8k

Coming in at number 10 is fps_shaka, whose real name is Chikara Kawakami. Located in Japan and an avid DrDisrespect fan, Kawakami is a variety streamer that primarily plays FPS games. He is also well known for commentating, often casting the PUBG Japan series games. His top 3 streamed games in October were:

1. Apex Legends - 22k average viewers
2. Judgment - 20k average viewers
3. Back 4 Blood - 22k average viewers

9. loltyler1

  • Total October Viewer Hours - 6,051,960
  • Average Viewers - 23.8k
  • Followers - 4.6 million

Placing at number 9 is loltyler1, real name Tyler Steinkamp, the beloved (and reformed) League of Legends streamer. An S-tier memer, Tyler is known for his comedic antics, often resulting in viral YouTube videos. He almost exclusively plays League of Legends, only dabbling in other games for brief, fleeting moments in time. He is also known for being a T1 fan, and real life friend of their mid-laner, Faker, The Unkillable Demon King. His top 3 streamed games in October were:

1. League of Legends - 24k average viewers
2. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout - 30k average viewers
3. ???????????????????

8. loud_coringa

  • Total October Viewer Hours - 7,068,398
  • Average Viewers - 68,077
  • Followers - 2.6 million

Number 8 on our list is loud_coringa, or Victor Augusto. Currently the #2 most watched Brazilian streamer, Victor started off as a competitive esports player for Brazil's largest esports organization, LOUD. He accumulated a large viewerbase by playing and uploading games like Garena Free Fire to his YouTube channel before making the transition to Twitch in late 2020. After the transition he became a dedicated GTA V RP streamer, rarely delving into other games. His top 3 streamed games in October were:

1. GTA V - 82k average viewers
2. ?????????
3. ??????????????????????

7. xRohat

  • Total October Viewer Hours - 7,573,526
  • Average Viewers - 14.7k
  • Followers - 319.1k

The number 7 streamer in October was xRohat. Recently exploding in popularity, the German streamer has been riding the GTA V RP train to new heights. He has nearly doubled his follower count in the last 30 days. A man of mystery, the sky is the limit for this new Twitch star. His top 3 streamed games in October were:

1. GTA V - 21k average viewers
2. Pummel Party - 20k average viewers
3. Among Us - 16k average viewers

6. Shroud

  • Total October Viewer Hours - 9,771,598
  • Average Viewers - 39,027
  • Followers - 9.8 million

The legend himself, Shroud (Michael Grzesiek) comes in at number 6. An iconic CS:GO pro player, he was instrumental in Cloud9's first place finish in ESL Pro League's season 4 in 2016. Primarily known for streaming a variety of FPS games, Shroud has recently spiced things up with some juicy MMO content, becoming one of the premier New World streamers on Twitch. His top 3 streamed games in October were:

1. New World - 34k average viewers
2. Valorant - 22k average viewers
3. Path of Exile - 10k average viewers

5. ibai

  • Total October Viewer Hours - 10,835,951
  • Average Viewers - 81,245
  • Followers - 8.3 million

Halfway down our list we find ibai (Ibai Llanos) at number 5. Currently the #2 most watched Spanish speaking streamer, Ibai is also well known as an accomplished shoutcaster. His most accomplished works include announcing the Spanish streams for League of Legends esports events, the Fortnite YouTube Battle Royale, and for his voice acting in the FIFA game series. His top 3 streamed games in October were:

1. Minecraft - 56k average viewers
2. League of Legends - 50k average viewers
3. ????????????????????

4. MontanaBlack88

  • Total October Viewer Hours - 11,900,802
  • Average Viewers - 59,367
  • Followers - 4.2 million

Number 4 on our list is MontanaBlack88 (Marcel Eris), who is currently the #1 watched German streamer on Twitch. Starting on YouTube, Marcel has been grinding his way to stardom since 2009. Known as a variety streamer during his early Twitch days, he has since embraced GTA V RP as his main source of content. His top 3 streamed games in October were:

1. GTA V - 63k average viewers
2. FIFA 22 - 42k average viewers
3. ????????????????????

3. auronplay

  • Total October Viewer Hours - 12,564,513
  • Average Viewers - 127,174
  • Followers - 10.6 million

Now in the final stretch, number 3 on our list is auronplay (Raúl Álvarez Genes). Starting on YouTube in 2006, Raúl has gone from commentating on viral videos after work to full fledged streaming superstar. Starting his Twitch channel in late 2019, Raúl quickly grasped the mantle of the #1 most watched Spanish speaking Twitch streamer. As a variety streamer, Raúl tries to diversify his content by playing both new and older games. His top 3 streamed games in October were:

1. Minecraft - 136k average viewers
2. Roblox - 161k average viewers
3. Back 4 Blood - 92k average viewers

2. Gaules

  • Total October Viewer Hours - 17,527,296
  • Average Viewers - 24,946
  • Followers - 3 million

The number 2 spot on our list is occupied by the #1 most watched Portuguese speaking streamer, Gaules (Alexandre Borba). A retired Brazilian Counter Strike player for g3nerationX, Alexandre spends most of his time broadcasting and commentating CS:GO events in Portuguese. A frequent staple in Twitch top 10 lists, Alexandre also plays a variety of games when he's not commentating on esports events. While he doesn't reach the same peak viewership levels that some of his top 10 counterparts do, it's his consistency that lands him on our #2 spot. His top 3 streamed games in October were:

1. CS:GO - 33k average viewers
2. Tribes of Midgard - 22k average viewers
3. Among Us - 7k average viewers

1. xQcOW

  • Total October Viewer Hours - 17,749,744
  • Average Viewers - 64,267
  • Followers - 9.4 million

Coming in at numero uno is the reigning king of Twitch, xQcOW (Félix Lengyel). A former accomplished professional Overwatch player, Félix began streaming full time in 2019 as a variety streamer for Luminosity Gaming. Regularly placing as one of the most watched streamers for whatever game he's playing that particular week, Félix is the undeniable current face of Twitch. His top 3 streamed games in October were:

1. GTA V - 67k average viewers
2. Bloons TD 6 - 64k average viewers
3. RISK: The Game of Global Domination - 66k average viewers

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