Top 10 Twitch Streamers in January 2022

Top 10 Twitch Streamers in January 2022
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New challengers approach as we continue our top 10 Twitch streamers series for January 2022. We'll be taking a look at each streamer's top 3 streamed games during that time, noting any new streamer additions/movements to the top 10 from the previous month. We'll also add any interesting tidbits about those streamers if available.

So without further adieu, let's begin:

10. loltyler1

  • Total January Viewer Hours - 8,325,926
  • Average Viewers - 33,534
  • Followers - 4,769,581

Returning and starting off our top 10 list this month is loltyler1, real name Tyler Steinkamp, the beloved (and most reformed) League of Legends streamer. An S-tier memelord, Tyler is known for his comedic antics, often resulting in viral YouTube videos. He almost exclusively plays League of Legends, only dabbling in other games for brief, fleeting moments in time. He is also known for being a T1 fan, and real life friend of their mid-laner, Faker, The Unkillable Demon King. He only streamed 2 games in January and they were:

1. League of Legends - 34k average viewers
2. It Takes Two - 17k average viewers

9. juansguarnizo

  • Total January Viewer Hours - 8,941,115
  • Average Viewers - 48,131
  • Followers - 6,902,440

Moving down from the #8 spot to the #9 spot is the talented graphic designer and variety streamer juansguarnizo (Juan Sebastian Guarnizo). Juan was born in Colombia but now resides in Monterrey, Mexico. Juan often collaborates with his wife, Ari Gameplays, and YouTube star, DED. His top 3 streamed games in January were:

1. Rust - 33k average viewers
2. Minecraft - 115k average viewers
3. Fortnite - 33k average viewers

8. IlloJuan

  • Total January Viewer Hours - 9,102,513
  • Average Viewers - 60,124
  • Followers - 1,549,365

A new entrant to our top 10 series, IlloJuan (Juan Alberto) sits firmly in the #8 spot. A relatively new personality in the Twitch realm, Juan started streaming in 2018 after transitioning over from his YouTube channel, LMDShow. A variety streamer who dabbles in IRL streams, Juan increased his total follower count by 31% in the past month, resulting in a 350% increase in total hours watched compared to his December stats. His top 3 streamed games in January were:

1. Rust - 74k average viewers
2. Bully: Scholarship Edition - 42k average viewers
3. Torrente 3: The Protector - 27k average viewers

7. HasanAbi

  • Total January Viewer Hours - 9,336,491
  • Average Viewers - 36,473
  • Followers - 1,822,627

Making a return to our top 10 list in the #7 spot this month is HasanAbi (Hasan Piker). Born in New Jersey and raised in Turkey, Hasan moved back to America to go to Rutgers University, where he obtained a double major in political science and communications studies. Hasan spends most of his streams discussing news and providing political commentary on recent events. Hasan also plays a variety of games on his stream with other high profile twitch streamers. He recently received a DMCA strike for watching MasterChef on stream which was soon reversed, as more streamers flirt with Twitch rules regarding watching copyrighted material on stream. His top streamed game in January were (his only other category was Just Chatting):

1. Pokémon Legends: Arceus - 25k average viewers

6. Trainwreckstv

  • Total January Viewer Hours - 10,313,330
  • Average Viewers - 36,253
  • Followers - 1,726,978

Yet another new entry in our top 10 series, Trainwreckstv (Tyler Niknam) places in the #6 spot. Primarily a Slots streamer, Tyler also hosts the Scuffed Podcast, often featuring other popular streamers as guests. He is known for being one of the most watched streamers during the 2020 United States Presidential Election and for his controversies around gambling on stream. His top 3 streamed games in January were:

1. Slots - 37k average viewers
2. Escape from Tarkov - 26k average viewers
3. CS:GO - 43k average viewers

5. ibai

  • Total January Viewer Hours - 10,635,068
  • Average Viewers - 82,589
  • Followers - 9,261,840

Maintaining his #5 spot on our list is ibai (Ibai Llanos). Currently the #4 most watched Spanish speaking streamer, Ibai is also well known as an accomplished shoutcaster. His most accomplished works include announcing the Spanish streams for League of Legends esports events, the Fortnite YouTube Battle Royale, and for his voice acting in the FIFA game series. His top 3 streamed games in January were:

1. Rust - 80k average viewers
2. Clash Royale - 84k average viewers
3. League of Legends - 86k average viewers

4. TheGrefg

  • Total January Viewer Hours - 11,016,195
  • Average Viewers - 67,157
  • Followers - 9,466,973

Placing at #4 is another new entrant in our top 10 streamer, TheGrefg (David Cánovas Martínez). The #3 most popular Spanish speaking streamer, TheGrefg once attained nearly 2.5 million peak concurrent viewers when his Fortnite skin released in January, 2021. He was also a participant in auronplay's Twitch Rivals Squidcraft, where he had over 1 million concurrent viewers. David is both a writer and music producer, authoring 3 books and releasing 3 songs. As a variety streamer, David plays whatever he pleases. His top 3 streamed games in January were:

1. Rust - 50k average viewers
2. Clash Royale - 83k average viewers
3. Minecraft - 30k average viewers

3. auronplay

  • Total January Viewer Hours - 11,919,749
  • Average Viewers - 129,742
  • Followers - 11,646,240

Rising from #4 to #3 from our last ranking is auronplay (Raúl Álvarez Genes). Starting on YouTube in 2006, Raúl has gone from commentating on viral videos after work to full fledged streaming superstar. Starting his Twitch channel in late 2019, Raúl quickly grasped the mantle of the #1 most watched Spanish speaking Twitch streamer. As a variety streamer, Raúl tries to diversify his content by playing both new and older games. He also hosted the insanely popular Twitch Rivals Squidcraft event in January, which was the most watched Twitch Rivals event to date at 15 million viewer hours. The event also positively contributed to the viewer hours of many of the Spanish speaking streamers in this top 10 list. His top 3 streamed games in January were:

1. Rust - 119k average viewers
2. Minecraft - 102k average viewers
3. Clash Royale - 134k average viewers

2. elxokas

  • Total January Viewer Hours - 13,605,005
  • Average Viewers - 57,956
  • Followers - 2,519,573

Both a new face AND a new #2 this month, recent up and comer elxokas (Joaquín Domínguez) also becomes Januaries #1 Spanish speaking streamer. He gained over 600,000 followers in one week in January, increasing his total follower count from 1.8 million to 2.5 million. This is due in part to his involvement in the Twitch Rivals Squidcraft event, where he drew a crowd of 1.2 million concurrent viewers. A variety streamer, elxokas plays everything from World of Warcraft to Rust. His top 3 streamed games in January were:

1. Rust - 56k average viewers
2. Pokémon Legends: Arceus - 40k average viewers
3. World of Warcraft - 10k average viewers

1. xQcOW

  • Total January Viewer Hours - 22,531,854
  • Average Viewers - 77,874
  • Followers - 9,932,344

OH WHAT A SURPRISE, the most watched Twitch stream is once again the leader of Juicers himself, xQcOW (Félix Lengyel). A former accomplished professional Overwatch player, Félix began streaming full time in 2019 as a variety streamer for Luminosity Gaming. Regularly placing as one of the most watched streamers for whatever game he's playing that particular week, Félix is STILL the undeniable current face of Twitch. His top 3 streamed games in January were:

1. GTA V - 85k average viewers
2. League of Legends - 70k average viewers
3. Escape from Tarkov - 61k average viewers

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